A pleasant bathing experience
for everyone

Please observe the etiquette
to use the baths comfortably.
We ask for your cooperation.

Bathing Manners

Bathing Etiquette
When you enter the bathing area, please rinse yourself first before entering bath.
When you enter the bathing area from the changing room, you should first rinse yourself.
We have a hot water supply near the entrance for you to use.
Avoid splashing the people around you when you move around.
When bathing in the bathtub or moving from the bathtub,
be careful to move slowly so as not to splash those around you.
Tie your hair with a rubber band to prevent it from getting soaked in the bathtub.
There are many kinds of dirt, such as dust and dander, that can stick to your hair.
If you have long hair, use an elastic band or hair clip to keep it out of the bathtub.
Please refrain from excessive talking.
The bath is a place to relax, so please refrain from using a loud voice.
Avoid soaking your towel in the bathtub.
Do not rinse your towel in the tub or dip it.
Also, do not place your towel near the spout of the tub.
Washing area etiquette
Please do not claim or take up a place in the bathhouse.
Do not place towels or containers to keep your individual spot for washing.
Avoid splashing water in the shower.
In the washroom, avoid splashing the hot water from the shower on to people around you.
Cold water bath etiquette
Please be sure to rinse off your sweat with hot water or shower before entering the cold water bath.
After entering the sauna, you will be sweating a lot, so please be sure to take a shower to wash off the sweat before entering the bath.
Also, avoid putting your head in the bathtub to avoid disturbing the people around you.
Changing room etiquette
When leaving the bathhouse, wipe off the water from your body with a towel squeezed in front of the changing area.
In order to keep the changing rooms clean, please wipe off all moisture from your body with a towel squeezed well before leaving the bathhouse.
The use of smart phones and cell phones in the bathrooms and changing rooms is strictly prohibited.
The use of cell phones and smartphones in the bathrooms and changing rooms is prohibited.
If you see someone using a cell phone, our staff will ask them to leave the room. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
About alcohol consumption and physical condition
Please refrain from bathing if you have been drinking or are in poor health condition.
Please refrain from bathing if you are intoxicated.
For Parents and Children
All parents and guardians should be careful not to let their children play without parental supervision.
Guardians are responsible for the manners of their children.
Please keep an eye on your small children.